Fasting – week 30

12th of June 2021 - Saturday - 66.5 kg Last night, I craved a burger so we ordered burgers and we loved them. It is cute that EURO 2020 started so we had a beer and watched some football. The game is mostly an excuse to spend some time together and talk about all kinds … Continue reading Fasting – week 30

Fasting – week 27

22nd of May 2021 - Saturday - 66.2 kg  It seems that we went for a walk daily. I am really sore because yesterday I had “leg day” and the next day is always a nightmare. I bought new nightdresses and somehow I can see my progress better in them, this makes me so excited … Continue reading Fasting – week 27

Fasting – week 26

15th of May 2021 - Saturday - 66.2 kg I am having some emotional struggles, maybe I am just grateful, I am not sure why I am so emotional. Today we ran some errands, came home, relaxed, and read. I managed to finish my HTML class - 90 points! It was an awesome feeling, I … Continue reading Fasting – week 26

30 – No more half-ass stuff

I had no idea that today will be life-changing 😀 I was on the couch, having coffee and I realized that starting from today, I will not have half-ass stuff in my life! I am and will be 100% or 0%. I will not make exceptions and I will be true to myself. Today I … Continue reading 30 – No more half-ass stuff

30 – What I learned

Things, people, videos, classes come into our life when we are ready to take the next level. I think is essential to know what you want, so you can see the good things are coming in your way.It comes a time when some people go. It is life, you will grief over it and let … Continue reading 30 – What I learned

Unpopular opinion! I do not have a skin care routine

This is something I do not see on social media. I do not have a skin care routine and for years I felt guilty for that. Yesterday something changed. I was watching video with a woman that was pregnant and she was presenting what she had in her ''Mam bag''. Half of the bag was … Continue reading Unpopular opinion! I do not have a skin care routine