Morning rant

NOT DRINKING COFFEE DURING WINTER TIME IS A B***H! I wanted to start like this, in order to get out all the frustration I am feeling now, on a train station, after a hard morning.
I commute a little in order to get to my job and today, my train station was closed, all other stations around were closed so I had to find an alternative route. Ahhh, I hate when things change so much.

I wanted to skip coffee today but now, after almost 2 h since I left home, I am already tired and pissed off :)) I will need a coffee to get a little more energy and to stop wanting to scream.

Some days are so hard to survive.. It is dark, cold and I really do not want to leave my home but I have to so sometimes my cup of coffee makes me a little more optimistic. Do I want that? No, of course no but I am really afraid of my next depressive episode. I am trying to keep myself alive until I visit a doctor and speak more with him about my problems. Ah..some days are so hard to survive 🙂

I got to the office after 3h of travelling. FML

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