Writing without having the pressure of people liking it

This article is not one that teaches you how to do it because I am also on my own journey to write. Today I woke up with this question running in my head. What would be like to write without the pressure of being liked or being judged? I am obsessing over this because I … Continue reading Writing without having the pressure of people liking it

Writing helps you find yourself

I read that you should establish your objective in the morning in order to get organized. After 3 years of writing in the morning, I tend to agree. The only thing that I observed during the last months is that objectives change. I remember that, in the beginning, I used to write about everything that … Continue reading Writing helps you find yourself

Blogging and self-sabotage

I started blogging a lot of time ago when I got my first computer. I used to write poetry, some are still online on random pages and some disappeared because the blogging platform has closed. I was lucky enough to save some and I am proud of them. I am planning to grow the blog … Continue reading Blogging and self-sabotage

To be you or to be average?

I am really new in this blogging thing and I am trying to learn as much as possible. Reading advises and watching YouTube is kind of disappointing for me. The main reason for blogging is making money. I see how everyone wants to monetize this as soon as possible. I try not to judge but … Continue reading To be you or to be average?

New name, new look

When I started this blog, I wanted to concentrate just on recipes and photos with food, so I intended to make it professional. That meant in my head a classic, simple look with no personal touch. Now, after a month or two, I've realized that this is not the way I am. Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash … Continue reading New name, new look