Anxiety/Burnout/Depression Cycle – Life updates

It was hard for me to sit on my chair in order to write this but maybe someone needs to hear it too. I will add at the end of the article 2 videos that helped me decide I need a break because I was doing too much. I want to write a list of … Continue reading  Anxiety/Burnout/Depression Cycle – Life updates

Is weight loss a mindset?

I took a break from drawing to write this because I just finished the above video and I was full of ideas. As I was already suspecting, mindset is really important in weight loss. I decided to watch this because I am lacking the mindset and I wanted to make life easier for myself.  The … Continue reading Is weight loss a mindset?

Losing weight update 1

This week was a nice one but I was ovulating so my cravings, and my water retention were out of this world :)). Usually, I weigh myself on Saturday, and this Saturday I have 1 extra Kg. On Friday we had a massive craving for burgers and french fries so we ate around 9 PM. … Continue reading Losing weight update 1

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