Almond Milk recipe

As I promised in my weight loss diary, I will publish here the recipe I use to make Almond Milk. I found this recipe by mistake and I fell in love with it. I did not try others because this is perfect for me and for what I usually have in my pantry. The link:… Continue reading Almond Milk recipe

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Weight loss diary – week 5

10th of January 2022 - Monday Today was an awesome day. My desk came so I will write my articles from my desk and that makes me happy. I will also be able to write my morning pages there, with my coffee. Today we had some feta bread I made last night, with boiled eggs… Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 5

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Weight loss diary – week 3

27th of December 2021 - Monday- 70.2 kg I think it is useless to get on my scale daily. I think I will do it once per week because the small differences don’t count that much. It is hard because I was also PMSing and the weight shifts a lot so I do not want… Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 3

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Weight loss diary – week 2

Day 1 - 20th of December 2021 - Monday - 69.7 kg I honestly don’t know how much I ate yesterday, calorie-wise. I made some olive bread, fried them and I have no idea how many calories those had. It was a simple, tasty dinner. I went food shopping, cleaned the house, and took a… Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 2


Happy Holidays!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas! I will cook all day today, preparing the Christmas meals. I will come back on Sunday with the weight loss diary. See you!

Random questions of life

Spirituality – my story

I wanted to start my Saturday in a chill way and I managed somehow, that until I stumble on this video. As I wrote before, I believe I was in an internet cult and now I feel the need to share what happened to me in the worst and also nice years of my life.… Continue reading Spirituality – my story

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Weight loss diary – week 1

Day 1 - Monday - 70.2 kg  Last night we had McDonald's so I was expecting this. Today I went over my calorie budget but it is ok. I am trying not to obsess about it and also document it in order to see the evolution. For tomorrow we have more nutritional foods so I… Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 1

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Back to square 1

The past 3 days were really hard on me. I had a lot of anxiety, I had a lot of bad thoughts and I cut my hair short. I am not crazy about it, as everyone expected but I had to do it :))). I am starting to see a pattern, every time I cut… Continue reading Back to square 1

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A few thoughts at the end of September

We had to change a lot of things during the last 5 weeks. We had to adapt to Freya, our kitten. She is a ball of energy so we are doing our best to help her get rid of it.  Today we had the first day of harness training, I hope we can take her… Continue reading A few thoughts at the end of September

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Losing weight explained

I am really passionate about HealthyGamer Youtube channel and yesterday I found this nice video. Because I was on a losing weight journey, I really apreciated the explained process and made me understand my body better. Enjoy! Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash