Easy morning routine – make-up and skin

I always hated a complicated morning routine and because of that, I used to avoid makeup for months. This year I am planning to pay more attention to my skin. Last year I used sunscreen but this winter, because of the mask and the cold, I had to take care of my face. I was … Continue reading Easy morning routine – make-up and skin

First month of Therapy – conclusions

I was looking over a list of subjects that I want to write about and I saw I also wanted to write about the week before therapy, so I will write a mix between before and after therapy. The last week before my session I was really stressed and anxious. I remember that I was … Continue reading First month of Therapy – conclusions

Enough is enough

‘One day you wake up and you say enough is enough'. This is something Dr. K said the other day and it made so much sense. We always think that, in order to make a change, we need that ‘AHA!’ moment, that romantic moment in which our life changes. I do not blame the media, … Continue reading Enough is enough

Fear of failing and writing

Today I realised how terrified I was when it came to writing. I am listening to a book by Mel Robbins and yesterday I was convinced I don't have a dream that I was repressing. Today things changed. The book was at a crucial point for me, it was talking about how the need for perfection … Continue reading Fear of failing and writing