Weight loss diary – week 4

3rd of January 2022 - MondayI am happy I started to like salads and experiment with tastes. I love that today I had salads both for lunch and for dinner. For lunch, I had tuna salad and for dinner, we had a salad with baked potatoes. Tomorrow I will have some fruits and a homemade … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 4

Fasting – week 20

3rd of March 2021 - Saturday - 67.1 kg I think I just committed to 365 days of drawing :)) I will have a new routine for my evenings, drawing and writing 🙂 I think I can do it, I am quite organized and I enjoy both activities. Regarding the kilograms, I am retaining water … Continue reading Fasting – week 20

Fasting – week 19

27th Of March 2021 - Saturday - 67.7 kg I had some health issues so I retained water, I needed time to get back to health so losing weight was not essential. I am still counting calories and I also workout yesterday in order to try to feel better. We had to postpone running because … Continue reading Fasting – week 19

Fasting – week 17

13th of March 2021 - Saturday - 67.7 kg Today I was in a big shop that is specialized in exercise gear and clothes. I went full-on :))  I  bought everything I need for running:  shoes, T-shirts, pants, shorts. I had fun. My husband got some running T-shirts because we will run together. I am … Continue reading Fasting – week 17

Fasting – week 15

27th of February 2021 - Saturday - 68,6 kg I had a late night last night :)) I went to bed at 3 AM and woke up at 11 AM. Today was a day of chilling and enjoyment. We went to the supermarket, had late lunch, nothing special. I think I am still retaining water … Continue reading Fasting – week 15

Fasting – week 14

20th of February 2021 - Saturday - 69 kg!!!! Usually, I write for my blog at night, like a conclusion for the whole day. Today I am not doing that because I am too happy. I have 69 kg, so I guess 68,9 is the next amount I will see on my scale. I like … Continue reading Fasting – week 14

Fasting – week 12

6th of February 2021 - Saturday - 69.8 kg I am really happy about this, I guess I will see more results after my water retention will go down. I am planning to eat more vegetarian things next week, we will try to eat less meat. It is hard because we usually eat a lot … Continue reading Fasting – week 12

Fasting – week 10

23rd of January 2021 - Saturday - 70,6 kg I was thinking all day about my weight gain and I realized that I changed my workout routine. I was working out more, I doubled my workout time and I was doing more muscle-building workouts. This explains why I am gaining weight, I bet the chocolate … Continue reading Fasting – week 10

Fasting – week 8

9th of January 2021 - Saturday - 70,7 kg I am so happy today! I managed to hit 70.7 kg again. I know that from here I can only go down. I might get a little heavier because I will retain water in the next 2 weeks but after that, maybe I will be under … Continue reading Fasting – week 8