Your 30s – too old for learning to draw?

Ahhh...the 30s. I feel like being in my 30s is like being a teenager again but I get to have enough money to live my dreams. I am unsure if this is the same if you have kids because we do not have them but I feel this is so awesome but also sometimes overwhelming.… Continue reading Your 30s – too old for learning to draw?


Bad Brain Days

I love the days when my brain wants to cooperate. Those are the days when I feel "normal", and functional - whatever that means. Those Fare the days when I can see how my work is evolving, how productive I am, and how far I manage to get. if I am lucky, sometimes these episodes… Continue reading Bad Brain Days


Today’s mood

Today I feel a little sleepy because the days are going shorter, I avoid drinking coffee daily so mornings are a b***h somedays. This Sunday we will have the hour change so I will have more light in the morning but it will be dark around 5 pm so I cannot do things. I realized… Continue reading Today’s mood


ADHD and trust

When I discovered I might have ADHD (I am not sure which is the correct name for this at the moment), I started to learn more about it and started to understand myself better. I do not want to go get an official diagnostic because I feel tired only thinking about the process with a… Continue reading ADHD and trust


Level unlocked: Freedom

I stopped writing because life is weird.  In my last article, I spoke about how tired I was of everything, and today I came back with updates. Since I published that article, something has changed inside me and somehow I found a new level of freedom. I used to think that self-help books and all… Continue reading Level unlocked: Freedom


2 weeks coffee free

I am unsure why this time I quit coffee was more challenging than before. This was not the first time when I took a break but I think I did not feel that bad because I knew I will be drinking coffee at one point.  I wanted to write a really fun article, like a… Continue reading 2 weeks coffee free

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I think coffee was messing with my food cravings

 I am thrilled but also a little pissed off. I am delighted that my coffee withdrawal symptoms are almost done and I am mad that no one mentions all the benefits you can get when you quit that stupid drink.  I was not aware that coffee can really mess up your food habits. I read… Continue reading I think coffee was messing with my food cravings


Why I think I will quit coffee forever this time

Last night, after writing the article, I was so tired and my head hurt a lot. This made me watch things about coffee withdrawal and I discover the below video. Lately, one of my hobbies is learning more about my body so I really enjoyed it. After finishing it, the normal question appeared: Do I… Continue reading Why I think I will quit coffee forever this time

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Quitting coffee

I am barely keeping my eyes open while writing this. My current location is at my desk, today is a work day so I am still surviving.  There are some periods of time when I am not able to eat some foods or drink coffee. I get really sick if I do not listen to… Continue reading Quitting coffee

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Styling fixation is not done yet

I was extra happy last night when my new clothes arrived. I used all the tips from the previous article to order a few new items so this got me back to my styling fixation - I will add some links to my favorite pieces at the end of the article (no collaboration). I spent… Continue reading Styling fixation is not done yet