The pressure of online learning

This is something that I am not sure if it’s a problem for everyone but it is something that affected me. I grew up without a computer or internet and for me, having so much information available was mindblowing. I feel sometimes that I am like a sponge, ready to absorb everything so I am … Continue reading The pressure of online learning

Wacom Intuos Medium Drawing Tablet for Drawing

I do not know if this can be called a review because I have no idea why this table is different from the others.   I think I wanted to write this as a way to celebrate myself. I made my first digital drawing and I am proud. I always wanted to try this but I … Continue reading Wacom Intuos Medium Drawing Tablet for Drawing

30 – What I learned

Things, people, videos, classes come into our life when we are ready to take the next level. I think is essential to know what you want, so you can see the good things are coming in your way.It comes a time when some people go. It is life, you will grief over it and let … Continue reading 30 – What I learned