Weight loss diary – week 5

10th of January 2022 - Monday Today was an awesome day. My desk came so I will write my articles from my desk and that makes me happy. I will also be able to write my morning pages there, with my coffee. Today we had some feta bread I made last night, with boiled eggs … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 5

Weight loss diary – week 3

27th of December 2021 - Monday- 70.2 kg I think it is useless to get on my scale daily. I think I will do it once per week because the small differences don’t count that much. It is hard because I was also PMSing and the weight shifts a lot so I do not want … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 3

Weight loss diary – week 2

Day 1 - 20th of December 2021 - Monday - 69.7 kg I honestly don’t know how much I ate yesterday, calorie-wise. I made some olive bread, fried them and I have no idea how many calories those had. It was a simple, tasty dinner. I went food shopping, cleaned the house, and took a … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 2

Spirituality – my story

I wanted to start my Saturday in a chill way and I managed somehow, that until I stumble on this video. As I wrote before, I believe I was in an internet cult and now I feel the need to share what happened to me in the worst and also nice years of my life. … Continue reading Spirituality – my story

Weight loss diary – week 1

Day 1 - Monday - 70.2 kg  Last night we had McDonald's so I was expecting this. Today I went over my calorie budget but it is ok. I am trying not to obsess about it and also document it in order to see the evolution. For tomorrow we have more nutritional foods so I … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 1

A few thoughts at the end of September

We had to change a lot of things during the last 5 weeks. We had to adapt to Freya, our kitten. She is a ball of energy so we are doing our best to help her get rid of it.  Today we had the first day of harness training, I hope we can take her … Continue reading A few thoughts at the end of September

Frozen mango and forest fruit Smoothie

Yesterday we went food shopping because we wanted to make smoothies. We are both counting calories and this is a wonderful way to start the day. I will go to the office next week so maybe I will have one to go, finish it at the office. The recipe is really easy, you need a … Continue reading Frozen mango and forest fruit Smoothie

Fasting – end of journey

Have you ever had a glass of wine on your balcony, with your husband, and started to cry? I had, 6 days ago. It was a perfect summer night, stars and everything, and I felt it is time to tell him about the suicidal thoughts coming back. I am lucky that I found a wonderful … Continue reading Fasting – end of journey