Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake

I am trying to make sweets at home. Last week, I wanted to eat some cheesecake but I wanted to avoid buying biscuits from the store. I know that I will never use them all and then I will end up eating them. While I was thinking about the cheesecake, I was also thinking about … Continue reading Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake

Vegan Balls with Goji berries

Ingredients : 200g Dates, lemon zest, 50g dried apricots, 5og ground goji berries, 20g Coconut Oil, 150g ground nuts, 50ml Rice milk. For decorating I used coconut flakes and ground nuts. I put everything in the food processor, blend them and add more ground nuts if needed. Make small balls and cover them in coconut … Continue reading Vegan Balls with Goji berries