Afternoon Rows, Mental

Are you an artist?

This is one of the questions that hunted me all my life and I think it is essential to address.  I made this channel in order to motivate people, the same way other people motivated me and helped me discover my passion so I want to answer now this question.  Being an artist is something… Continue reading Are you an artist?


Today’s mood

Today I feel a little sleepy because the days are going shorter, I avoid drinking coffee daily so mornings are a b***h somedays. This Sunday we will have the hour change so I will have more light in the morning but it will be dark around 5 pm so I cannot do things. I realized… Continue reading Today’s mood

Afternoon Rows, Style

Fashion Stylist dreams

Yesterday I decided I wanted to enroll in a fashion styling class next Spring. I am pretty excited, so excited that I decided to make the most of this enthusiastic wave and searched for a lot of youtube videos on the subject. While I was intensively searching on Youtube, I realized I can make this… Continue reading Fashion Stylist dreams


Easter Preparation

Do you know what I am preparing for Easter this year? Nothing and it feels great. In my weird new Age period, I used to believe it is a woman's duty (omg, right? rolling eyes) to help perpetuate traditions. It sounds so toxic right now, I just want to throw up.  I was talking about… Continue reading Easter Preparation


Waking up early – amazing results

I know everyone is recommending waking up early but I understand why. Since we started to have a cat friend in the house, it is quite hard to oversleep because she is a creature of habit so she will want attention at 5-6 or 7 am. These changes made me wake up earlier and this… Continue reading Waking up early – amazing results


The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit Book by Mel Robbins

I wanted to write this blog post last month but I was not in the mood. This is a wonderful book, I enjoyed listening to it and I learned a lot. I am a huge fan of Mel, I listen to all of her books so I felt that this book was a natural evolution. … Continue reading The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit Book by Mel Robbins


Why we don’t let ourselves say ‘I am the best’?

I heard a girl saying on a podcast that she is crushing it and it almost gave me an anxiety attack. That made me realize I have a problem because I am also good at my job but I felt like I could never say that out loud.  My mind tried to tell me that… Continue reading Why we don’t let ourselves say ‘I am the best’?


Writing without having the pressure of people liking it

This article is not one that teaches you how to do it because I am also on my own journey to write. Today I woke up with this question running in my head. What would be like to write without the pressure of being liked or being judged? I am obsessing over this because I… Continue reading Writing without having the pressure of people liking it


Writing helps you find yourself

I read that you should establish your objective in the morning in order to get organized. After 3 years of writing in the morning, I tend to agree. The only thing that I observed during the last months is that objectives change. I remember that, in the beginning, I used to write about everything that… Continue reading Writing helps you find yourself


Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake

I am trying to make sweets at home. Last week, I wanted to eat some cheesecake but I wanted to avoid buying biscuits from the store. I know that I will never use them all and then I will end up eating them. While I was thinking about the cheesecake, I was also thinking about… Continue reading Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake