How I use social media as a tool in my develpment

I was making a coffee in the office and I was thinking about what keeps me motivated. I used to be a boring person, I just smoked and bitch about stuff all day. After I stopped smoking, I changed a little, daily. Today I realized that social media was crucial in my growth because I … Continue reading How I use social media as a tool in my develpment

Why we don’t let ourselves say ‘I am the best’?

I heard a girl saying on a podcast that she is crushing it and it almost gave me an anxiety attack. That made me realize I have a problem because I am also good at my job but I felt like I could never say that out loud.  My mind tried to tell me that … Continue reading Why we don’t let ourselves say ‘I am the best’?

Depression in men – the silent killer

I wanted to start this article with statistics worldwide for men with depression but, after reviewing the documents, I decided it is useless. It seems like the numbers are not quite representative because men are really reluctant to go and see a mental health specialist. For Europe, you can find a lot of data on … Continue reading Depression in men – the silent killer

Overeating – what worked for me

I used to believe that I am eating because I am making up for emotional problems and that was the perfect excuse for my overeating. I am happy that I was never binging but I used to overindulge.  Last week I started going to therapy and I brought that into the discussion because this was … Continue reading Overeating – what worked for me

Writing helps you find yourself

I read that you should establish your objective in the morning in order to get organized. After 3 years of writing in the morning, I tend to agree. The only thing that I observed during the last months is that objectives change. I remember that, in the beginning, I used to write about everything that … Continue reading Writing helps you find yourself

Weight loss diary – week 8

31st of January 2022 - Monday I am happy. I think going to therapy will help me a lot with my emotional eating. I am tired now, I ate chia pudding with fruits and vegetable yogurt, a salad, fried egg, and some sausages. I love that I can eat salads now so yay. I eat … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 8

Are we all getting a little Agoraphobic?

By now, we have all experienced a long pandemic period.  How it’s this impacting us? Last year I started going back to the office, as my activity requires me to be present most of the time. For months, I struggled with an anxiety feeling and I could not put my finger on it. I was … Continue reading Are we all getting a little Agoraphobic?

 Why losing weight won’t make you happy

I used to be overweight and I believed that if I lose weight, I will be happier. I am writing this because I had a major realization two days ago.  We live in a world that is really focused on the outside. We are surrounded by videos that see self-care as a mask or using … Continue reading  Why losing weight won’t make you happy

Why was this week so important to me?

This week was an important milestone in my mental health recovery.  My husband and I had very busy schedules and we had limited time together, time that was mostly spent doing chores. This is not the first time we had stuff to do, as you know, life is full of seasons. Some seasons you are … Continue reading Why was this week so important to me?