Emotional numbness

I want to start this article by giving a link with more details as I am not specialized in mental health. https://www.healthline.com/health/feeling-numb#treatment I wrote an article about how sometimes I feel empty and it is not a good emptiness, it is like black clay that swallows you. I got so obsessed with this feeling that … Continue reading Emotional numbness

CBT Book by Madeline Holden review

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY in 4 WEEKS: How to Overcome Grief, Panic, Fear, Anxiety & Depression. The Life-Changing Workbook to Rewire Your Mind & Master your Emotions. By Madeline Holden I wanted to start writing about books because I was lucky enough to find the perfect books to guide me on my way. I was recommending … Continue reading CBT Book by Madeline Holden review