Anxiety/Burnout/Depression Cycle – Life updates

It was hard for me to sit on my chair in order to write this but maybe someone needs to hear it too. I will add at the end of the article 2 videos that helped me decide I need a break because I was doing too much. I want to write a list of … Continue reading  Anxiety/Burnout/Depression Cycle – Life updates

Is weight loss a mindset?

I took a break from drawing to write this because I just finished the above video and I was full of ideas. As I was already suspecting, mindset is really important in weight loss. I decided to watch this because I am lacking the mindset and I wanted to make life easier for myself.  The … Continue reading Is weight loss a mindset?

Losing weight update 1

This week was a nice one but I was ovulating so my cravings, and my water retention were out of this world :)). Usually, I weigh myself on Saturday, and this Saturday I have 1 extra Kg. On Friday we had a massive craving for burgers and french fries so we ate around 9 PM. … Continue reading Losing weight update 1

Losing weight, fashion, and mental health

I find it funny how this blog started. At first, I wanted to write about fashion, then about weight loss and we got to mental health. I think overall, it makes sense. Sometimes we think that if you dress ‘hip’ or look perfect, you will finally be happy. I also find it funny that I … Continue reading Losing weight, fashion, and mental health

Overeating – what worked for me

I used to believe that I am eating because I am making up for emotional problems and that was the perfect excuse for my overeating. I am happy that I was never binging but I used to overindulge.  Last week I started going to therapy and I brought that into the discussion because this was … Continue reading Overeating – what worked for me

Weight loss diary – week 8

31st of January 2022 – Monday I am happy. I think going to therapy will help me a lot with my emotional eating. I am tired now, I ate chia pudding with fruits and vegetable yogurt, a salad, fried egg, and some sausages. I love that I can eat salads now so yay. I eat … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 8

 Why losing weight won’t make you happy

I used to be overweight and I believed that if I lose weight, I will be happier. I am writing this because I had a major realization two days ago.  We live in a world that is really focused on the outside. We are surrounded by videos that see self-care as a mask or using … Continue reading  Why losing weight won’t make you happy

Weight loss diary – week 7

24th of January 2022 – Monday This is how my diary usually starts, but not this week. This week I had no time to write daily because sometimes life happens. I am trying to get rid of the guilt I feel when I am not able to do things in order. This week we managed … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 7

Weight loss diary – week 6

17th of January 2022 – Monday  It was an amazing day, culinary-wise. I made steamed broccoli with rice, vegetables, and some white fish. For dinner, I made a healthy dessert, a cheesecake with nuts base and normal filling. I did not want to buy biscuits because I do not want to buy sweets this year. … Continue reading Weight loss diary – week 6

Almond Milk recipe

As I promised in my weight loss diary, I will publish here the recipe I use to make Almond Milk. I found this recipe by mistake and I fell in love with it. I did not try others because this is perfect for me and for what I usually have in my pantry. The link: … Continue reading Almond Milk recipe

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