Can you look at yourself long enough to make a self-portrait?

Today I realized that you will be able to draw your portrait when you are well enough to look at yourself. I always wanted to start making self-portraits but I never knew why I wasn't finding time to start. Now I realized that I was not well enough to look at myself, deep into my … Continue reading Can you look at yourself long enough to make a self-portrait?

The problem with daily writing

I started writing daily almost 3 years ago and I kept doing that until 4 days ago. As I mentioned before, I used to write morning pages as part of my healing journey. I was quite happy with this until my therapist mentioned that it might be a compulsive action, as I was doing this … Continue reading The problem with daily writing

The trap of drawing daily

Today I was speaking with my husband and I wanted to say I had no time to draw but I realized that I am drawing daily, but it comes so naturally that I am not considered it drawing. I always think about the act of drawing, at a desk, with an intention and while watching … Continue reading The trap of drawing daily

Podcast recomandations

I decided to do this list because I feel we all need a break from real life. I am trying to include reading, listening to podcasts, and drawing in my day.  Podcasts: Stuff You Should Know - - This is the first podcast I have ever listened to. I fell in love instantly with … Continue reading Podcast recomandations

Mental state during these times

It is quite hard to start this article because I have no idea how I can express what I am feeling.  The global situation and the war close to home are having an impact on my mental stability. I tend to have depression episodes after reading the news and I am crying a lot. My … Continue reading Mental state during these times

How I use social media as a tool in my develpment

I was making a coffee in the office and I was thinking about what keeps me motivated. I used to be a boring person, I just smoked and bitch about stuff all day. After I stopped smoking, I changed a little, daily. Today I realized that social media was crucial in my growth because I … Continue reading How I use social media as a tool in my develpment

The pressure of online learning

This is something that I am not sure if it’s a problem for everyone but it is something that affected me. I grew up without a computer or internet and for me, having so much information available was mindblowing. I feel sometimes that I am like a sponge, ready to absorb everything so I am … Continue reading The pressure of online learning

Just Some Writerly Things The Writer In You Will Understand

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Your Friendly Malaysian Writer

A redheaded woman at a cafe with her laptop

So you’ve chosen to be a writer.

That means getting to know procrastination on a more intimate level. That means learning to doubt your work. Also, that means checking the word count after every couple of sentences.

But there are many other things that bind us all. We writers don’t need to stick together. We already do, through the weird things that make us uniquely ‘us’.

So how many of these writerly things apply to you?

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Why we don’t let ourselves say ‘I am the best’?

I heard a girl saying on a podcast that she is crushing it and it almost gave me an anxiety attack. That made me realize I have a problem because I am also good at my job but I felt like I could never say that out loud.  My mind tried to tell me that … Continue reading Why we don’t let ourselves say ‘I am the best’?

Depression in men – the silent killer

I wanted to start this article with statistics worldwide for men with depression but, after reviewing the documents, I decided it is useless. It seems like the numbers are not quite representative because men are really reluctant to go and see a mental health specialist. For Europe, you can find a lot of data on … Continue reading Depression in men – the silent killer