Your 30s – too old for learning to draw?

Ahhh...the 30s. I feel like being in my 30s is like being a teenager again but I get to have enough money to live my dreams. I am unsure if this is the same if you have kids because we do not have them but I feel this is so awesome but also sometimes overwhelming.… Continue reading Your 30s – too old for learning to draw?


Why I will never be able to work on commission

Last week I had a revelation - I can not work with customers. My customer support jobs ruined this for me. On my Instagram,, I received an offer to draw a dog and said to myself I could try. After five minutes, I apologized and refused because I instantly felt my creativity dying. I can… Continue reading Why I will never be able to work on commission


Morning rant

NOT DRINKING COFFEE DURING WINTER TIME IS A B***H! I wanted to start like this, in order to get out all the frustration I am feeling now, on a train station, after a hard morning. I commute a little in order to get to my job and today, my train station was closed, all other… Continue reading Morning rant

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Giving up printed T-shirts and gifts because I am done

I do not care anymore. I used to believe it is nice to show my personality with the help of printed T-shirts but I think it is done. Last week I went to look for printed T-shirts but I decided to make a major change in my look. I do not have to show people… Continue reading Giving up printed T-shirts and gifts because I am done


Can you look at yourself long enough to make a self-portrait?

Today I realized that you will be able to draw your portrait when you are well enough to look at yourself. I always wanted to start making self-portraits but I never knew why I wasn't finding time to start. Now I realized that I was not well enough to look at myself, deep into my… Continue reading Can you look at yourself long enough to make a self-portrait?


Just Some Writerly Things The Writer In You Will Understand

Really nice read!

Your Friendly Malaysian Writer

A redheaded woman at a cafe with her laptop

So you’ve chosen to be a writer.

That means getting to know procrastination on a more intimate level. That means learning to doubt your work. Also, that means checking the word count after every couple of sentences.

But there are many other things that bind us all. We writers don’t need to stick together. We already do, through the weird things that make us uniquely ‘us’.

So how many of these writerly things apply to you?

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Reblog or Repost? Is There a Difference? (reblog)

Thank you fot this. It was on my mind since last week. I reblog things that are interesting for me, wanting to share them with people, not to steal work..

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Recently I was asked by a fellow WordPress blogger to remove my reblog of one of their posts. Of course I had no problem doing so; I simply apologised and deleted it, making a note to not reblog them in the future. That would have normally been the end of it, but for something else they wrote in the course of requesting said removal which stuck in my mind, because I can be a bit of a stickler sometimes, and it eventually inspired me to write this article in order to clarify something.

This mutual (who, should they deign to read this, might understandably choose to unfollow me) called my reblog of their post a “repost”, unnecessarily threatened litigation, and also made sneering reference to my “many… reposts of other people’s work“, adding that to them “that is not blogging”.

[image description: “confused nick young meme“. (fair…

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