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Styling fixation is not done yet

I was extra happy last night when my new clothes arrived. I used all the tips from the previous article to order a few new items so this got me back to my styling fixation - I will add some links to my favorite pieces at the end of the article (no collaboration). I spent… Continue reading Styling fixation is not done yet


Styling – hyper fixation over

Three days ago I found a styling class and I wanted to sign up in Spring. As a person with undiagnosed ADHD, I got hyper-fixated on the subject and research it until I found all my info and now I am quite happy and I think I do not need the class - 200 Euro… Continue reading Styling – hyper fixation over

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Fashion Stylist dreams

Yesterday I decided I wanted to enroll in a fashion styling class next Spring. I am pretty excited, so excited that I decided to make the most of this enthusiastic wave and searched for a lot of youtube videos on the subject. While I was intensively searching on Youtube, I realized I can make this… Continue reading Fashion Stylist dreams