Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake

I am trying to make sweets at home. Last week, I wanted to eat some cheesecake but I wanted to avoid buying biscuits from the store. I know that I will never use them all and then I will end up eating them. While I was thinking about the cheesecake, I was also thinking about … Continue reading Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake

Almond Milk recipe

As I promised in my weight loss diary, I will publish here the recipe I use to make Almond Milk. I found this recipe by mistake and I fell in love with it. I did not try others because this is perfect for me and for what I usually have in my pantry. The link: … Continue reading Almond Milk recipe

Cooking ideas – Fennel Salad and baked potatoes

Today I made something to eat that I actually loved. II decided to put it on the blog because I want to have it for when I will need inspiration. Fennel Salad:   This is the original recipe, I did not have mint, I have normal salad, in a bag. I also did not peel … Continue reading Cooking ideas – Fennel Salad and baked potatoes

Meatless Monday or Meatless week

I wanted to take a break from meat (I will have fish from time to time) for a while so I started to see what my menu would look like. Because I have a full-time job now, I have no time for complicated meals, so see below a few meals that can inspire you. Recently … Continue reading Meatless Monday or Meatless week

Frozen mango and forest fruit Smoothie

Yesterday we went food shopping because we wanted to make smoothies. We are both counting calories and this is a wonderful way to start the day. I will go to the office next week so maybe I will have one to go, finish it at the office. The recipe is really easy, you need a … Continue reading Frozen mango and forest fruit Smoothie

Tortilla Pizza

This is not something I invented but I love it. I could eat this every day. I am counting calories and this type of pizza has about 500 calories, depending on what you add to it. I use this recipe as a snack in the afternoon and this is my last meal before starting my … Continue reading Tortilla Pizza

Banana Yogurt – Breakfast idea

I made this one morning and it was amazing! I started this blog as a place for me to store all my favorite recipes so this had to be on the list. You need : 150g of yogurt (3/4 cup), 1 sliced banana, honey, pecan nuts and Goji fruits. The last 3 you can add … Continue reading Banana Yogurt – Breakfast idea

Onion cream soup

Ingredients: 2 medium onions, 2 garlic cloves, 1 carrot, 350 ml vegetable stock,1 kohlrabi (I will put a picture at the end of the article), a small amount of olive oil or any type of oil, salt, pepper and parsley for the plating. I like to serve this with 2 loaves of bread and cheese. … Continue reading Onion cream soup

Vegan Balls with Goji berries

Ingredients : 200g Dates, lemon zest, 50g dried apricots, 5og ground goji berries, 20g Coconut Oil, 150g ground nuts, 50ml Rice milk. For decorating I used coconut flakes and ground nuts. I put everything in the food processor, blend them and add more ground nuts if needed. Make small balls and cover them in coconut … Continue reading Vegan Balls with Goji berries

Vegan – Peanut-butter and banana Ice-cream

I wanted to post this recipe for a while. We purchased a food processor and I tried a lot of recipes. I wanted the food processor to make ''Nice - Cream'', made it once but I do not like to put frozen stuff in it. I adapted the recipe and I just make the ice … Continue reading Vegan – Peanut-butter and banana Ice-cream