Life updates

If you started too many projects and you feel like that is stressing you out, just throw them away! Out of the house, out of mind 😀 I advise you to donate them if it is possible, of course, but I am really convinced that we should keep things that make us happy. I used … Continue reading Life updates

Drawing advice and updates

As I mention a few times before here, I love drawing but because I did not go to art school, I had no idea where to start. I spend a lot of years in denial and other years telling myself I draw bad and I should learn more. I will add below a list of … Continue reading Drawing advice and updates

Wacom Intuos Medium Drawing Tablet for Drawing

I do not know if this can be called a review because I have no idea why this table is different from the others.   I think I wanted to write this as a way to celebrate myself. I made my first digital drawing and I am proud. I always wanted to try this but I … Continue reading Wacom Intuos Medium Drawing Tablet for Drawing

Are we all getting a little Agoraphobic?

By now, we have all experienced a long pandemic period.  How it’s this impacting us? Last year I started going back to the office, as my activity requires me to be present most of the time. For months, I struggled with an anxiety feeling and I could not put my finger on it. I was … Continue reading Are we all getting a little Agoraphobic?

Careers – do we all need a change?

Since I started college, I always believed that I am not made for a job that is dealing with numbers. I was thinking that I am an artist that was so unlucky, that I will be able to get to practice my skills, bla, bla. I never worked for my art, in the last few … Continue reading Careers – do we all need a change?

Life is short – After life series

Life is short. This is something that we hear all the time but we can understand it only a few times in life. Some people will feel that when they are afraid of an illness, some have an epiphany.  Last night we were watching After life on Netflix and I have to admit, the final … Continue reading Life is short – After life series

Being real

Someone called me ‘real’ today and my heart is warm and fuzzy. I have to admit that this is a wonderful compliment and also an outside validation. Lately, I’ve been feeling differently, I feel more like myself, connected and this is making me want to cry with happiness. I feel that I was always trying … Continue reading Being real

‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Movie review

Yes, I know my blog it’s not a reviewing blog but this movie was magical. This movie was recommended by a friend and I was quite curious because she always tells me beautiful stories. I was intrigued when the movie started because people were speaking French, then English, and then Italian. This was amazing for … Continue reading ‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Movie review

Proud moments

I am writing this in the morning because a very stressful period is over. I wanted to take some time and process things but I am too grateful and too happy.  Every quarter I have to prepare some reports and for 2 years, I was always stressed. It was the worst period of my life, … Continue reading Proud moments

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