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Are you an artist?

This is one of the questions that hunted me all my life and I think it is essential to address.  I made this channel in order to motivate people, the same way other people motivated me and helped me discover my passion so I want to answer now this question.  Being an artist is something… Continue reading Are you an artist?

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Fashion Stylist dreams

Yesterday I decided I wanted to enroll in a fashion styling class next Spring. I am pretty excited, so excited that I decided to make the most of this enthusiastic wave and searched for a lot of youtube videos on the subject. While I was intensively searching on Youtube, I realized I can make this… Continue reading Fashion Stylist dreams

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Podcast recomandations

I decided to do this list because I feel we all need a break from real life. I am trying to include reading, listening to podcasts, and drawing in my day.  Podcasts: Stuff You Should Know - - This is the first podcast I have ever listened to. I fell in love instantly with… Continue reading Podcast recomandations

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The pressure of online learning

This is something that I am not sure if it’s a problem for everyone but it is something that affected me. I grew up without a computer or internet and for me, having so much information available was mindblowing. I feel sometimes that I am like a sponge, ready to absorb everything so I am… Continue reading The pressure of online learning

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It’s 9 to 5 so bad?

This seems to be less and less a popular opinion but I enjoy having a 9 to 5 job.  I was speaking with a friend that prefers to work for herself and she was quite happy with this. I admire people that do this but it is not for me. I wanted to do this… Continue reading It’s 9 to 5 so bad?

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I heard the term “Emotional Junk” and I fell in love

I heard this term and I am crazy about it. My fascination with the notion of ‘emotional junk’ started a few days ago but I had no idea how to write about it.  In my perception, emotional junk is a big pile of emotions that we decided to close in the attic. I have a… Continue reading I heard the term “Emotional Junk” and I fell in love

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Some husbands are angels. 

I was on the train and I was listening to a podcast. I commute around one hour and a half so I have a lot of time to hear stories. I am fascinated to hear how other people live, how they feel, what is their journey in this life. This was a very good exercise… Continue reading Some husbands are angels. 

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Eating my feelings

This article is really hard to write because it’s like looking in a mirror and admitting that I still have some issues that I postponed. All this journaling and waking up old feelings is hard sometimes, so I ate more than usual in order to cope with them. I will try to change this, I… Continue reading Eating my feelings

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Craft Projects in progress

I am a really lucky person. I have enough time (or I make time) to enjoy my arts and crafts. My inner fears made me repress the creative instinct and that made me really unhappy. I am still working on that but I will not give up on myself again.  From Dr. K I learned… Continue reading Craft Projects in progress

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Fear of failing and writing

Today I realised how terrified I was when it came to writing. I am listening to a book by Mel Robbins and yesterday I was convinced I don't have a dream that I was repressing. Today things changed. The book was at a crucial point for me, it was talking about how the need for perfection… Continue reading Fear of failing and writing