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Are you an artist?

This is one of the questions that hunted me all my life and I think it is essential to address. 

I made this channel in order to motivate people, the same way other people motivated me and helped me discover my passion so I want to answer now this question. 

Being an artist is something that has nothing to do with an art degree, with what you know. I think being an artist is what you are and how you feel. I remember how sad I was because I had all these wonderful ideas but my hand did not want to listen to me. This can usually motivate people but for me was the end, at least for a while. I had to numb my passion and stopped drawing for years until I could not ignore it anymore. I think stopping this calling was also hard on my mental health. I started a healing process and I returned to drawing.

When you are an artist, you have a huge passion for everything related but sometimes fear of failure can make you avoid drawing. I remember How much I used to love to buy drawing and painting supplies but avoided using them. I still have this issue a little, I always have to convince myself to use them, I look at them like you look at a treasure. 

You know you are an artist when it is easier to do it instead of not doing it. I do not remember where I read that but I have to admit that I feel this is something true. Most people ignore these feelings because they were instructed to focus only on occupations that can bring a secure income in the future but this is something that is fueling the depression. 

I have a lot of friends who realized in their 30s that art is what makes them happy, I being one of them. I think we all would like to turn back time and continue to draw, paint, and write and this is another reason I want to fight for other people, to let them know it is ok to continue their passions.

You know you are an artist when nature and other things around you move you to the core. Most people do not observe the moon, the stars, or a forest, they do not think twice about it but the soul of an artist will always be moved by these things. 

Please do not stop pursuing your art passion! 

My youtube video with the same article.


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