I am very happy today because yesterday I uploaded on youtube one of my more complex videos. I think this is something that I always wanted to do but I was too shy to make the steps and just do it. With the help of my graphic tablet, I was able to learn Basic Krita and then learn the basics of video editing. 

I love to learn so this made me really excited. I am planning to do also some traditional art videos, today my tripod will arrive and because it has a lamp, I will be able to record at any hour without being dependent on natural light. 

The plan is to record and use my phone for a while, but if everything will be ok, I would like to upgrade my microphone. I did 0 research in technology, as my decision to pursue this appeared out of nowhere, like every other hobby I have.

For video editing, I used HitFilm, free software that is quite easy to use. In order to record the screen I just used the PC program, ALT+Windows Key+R. I loved that it took an automatic pause when I was switching between Krita and Chrome so I did not have to edit every time I changes my songs. 

I have to admit that all the learning I did last week had me really tired today and I will also have to work so. I better go.

I will add below my youtube video – I am also available as tiredness_and_art on Instagram and Tik Tok – art-related stuff.


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