Depression 2

Depression feels like you want to take a knife and cut a part of you, a part that hurts so much that you can not breathe. Depression is when you can not move, when your body dies on you and your soul leaves. Depression is the need to never want to leave the bed and you feel guilty, because people around you did not sign up for this.
Depression is when your mind enters in a loop, asking “Why is this happening?” And you do not have a reason because nothing makes sense.
Depression is ignoring everything you love, curled up and wanting to die.
Depression is when you should be happy but your brain decides to say “Fuck it! Destroy everything around you, burn bridges, leave”
Depression is when you can not understand your body, when you are tired of struggle and you want everything to finish.

So next time someone says they might have depression, do not try to understand them.

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