Today’s mood

Today I feel a little sleepy because the days are going shorter, I avoid drinking coffee daily so mornings are a b***h somedays. This Sunday we will have the hour change so I will have more light in the morning but it will be dark around 5 pm so I cannot do things. I realized I started hibernating in October and I will start to feel alive in March. This helps me get things in order and prioritize my mental health.

I decided to try intuitive eating, I am tired of being in so much struggle with food, and I believe it is time to heal that relationship. As I mentioned before, I am in a hibernating state so I am trying to find foods that are easy to make and have lots of vegetables. Right now I am proud that I have had a few months with no weight gain and I am also doing daily yoga. I feel that now I am working out from a place of love for myself and a desire to feel powerful in my own body. 

My next target is to manage to do a push-up. I am trying to do 20 standing push-ups a day, to build some upper-body strength – mixed with some dumbbells workout. I took a break from the bicycle because we walked a lot in the last 2-3 weeks, so I do not want to force my body too much. 

Halloween is near so I am quite happy, we took a day off and we will go for walks and for shopping for our small party. I am planning to see Blade and maybe other movies, I am still thinking.

Regarding hobbies, I started an awesome class – it is free, I will link it below – and I spent a lot of time drawing. This helped me a lot with my mental health and overall well-being. – the fairy class is free and you can also find this amazing lady on youtube – Karen Campbell MIXED MEDIA

I feel I am freeing myself more and more every day, I am now very passionate about Isis Goddess so I will continue to obsess over her and learn about her. 🙂


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