ADHD and trust

When I discovered I might have ADHD (I am not sure which is the correct name for this at the moment), I started to learn more about it and started to understand myself better. I do not want to go get an official diagnostic because I feel tired only thinking about the process with a doctor. I do not want to defend my symptoms and I also want to be unmedicated so I would consume time uselessly. 

Anyway, since I started to learn small hacks and understand myself, life improved hugely. One of the most important things is that I started to trust myself like I trust a friend and that increased my peace of mind. 

An example, something that happens to a lot of people, is the question: ‘’Did I lock the door?’’. This used to wake me up during the night when I was the last one to close the office door. My brain is still f***ing with me sometimes, but then I remember that my small OCD would not let me leave the office without checking the door a few times. That is the moment when I take a big breath and tell myself we are ok, we are safe and the door is closed. This seems to work quite well.

Finding your mental issue can be a lifesaver, especially if you go to therapy and find people with the same issues. You can feel understood and learn a lot about your thoughts, and impulsive actions, and even find some hacks to help you get it together. You can find a lot of empathy for yourself, for your childhood, and for other people. 

Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

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