Level unlocked: Freedom

I stopped writing because life is weird. 

In my last article, I spoke about how tired I was of everything, and today I came back with updates. Since I published that article, something has changed inside me and somehow I found a new level of freedom.

I used to think that self-help books and all the videos I watched were rather useless and informative but I was proved that this view was wrong. I wanted to write an article in which I could describe my healing path, and try to help other people but in my case, it was overnight. I just woke up tired of shit I started to change stuff. I refuse to have a toxic relationship with food, I refuse to make myself do stuff, and I refuse to care. 

What changed since then? We traveled to Romani and I actually enjoyed my time there. If you would be in my head, you could understand how amazing this is. 

I refuse to categorize food as good or bad, I prefer to eat things that are nutritious for my body.

I am doing yoga for fun, almost every evening, without checking the scale all the time. 

I refuse to count stuff as my therapist explained that this triggers my OCD :))

I stopped people telling me toxic stuff, created boundaries, and actually yelled at someone, explaining how their actions affected me for years.

I am drawing, but I do it from a place of love and not from a place of stress. 

I have coffee some days, and I have cake some days.

I have a new 80s hairstyle, looks weird and I love it. 

I was thinking that these thoughts are so specific that no one will find them helpful but I will leave them here, maybe someone will feel understood one day. 


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