Tired and a small reminder

Yesterday I was thinking about drinking a decaf. The weather is very fall-ish so drinking a nice decaf and looking out the window sounded so nice, but I stopped myself. Today, when I got off the train, it smelled like warm bread and it was cold and humid and I really wanted some bread. I got really pissed off and went and bought my bread.  

Sometimes I think my default setting is to be better and pressure myself. I am tired of this sometimes and I just get pissed off and then relax. 

I am good, I can eat my bread and my sweets. I won’t get bankrupt if I will buy a pizza once in a while. These things are very important to me. I need to remind myself of this in order to decrease my usual drive.

Now, after eating an apple, I am less pissed and I can enjoy my water. I will probably have a decaf after lunch, or tea because it is really cold. 

Please take this as a reminder to be nicer to yourself. 🙂

Have a nice day!

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