2 weeks coffee free

I am unsure why this time I quit coffee was more challenging than before. This was not the first time when I took a break but I think I did not feel that bad because I knew I will be drinking coffee at one point. 

I wanted to write a really fun article, like a wonderful conclusion after 2 weeks, but I think is not happening. I am still struggling a little with how I feel now, I feel relaxed, and even if this is a good thing, it is quite new for me. I feel really calm but also a little slow – I think I was so agitated all the time so this feels weird, like shoes that still need a little wearing to be comfy. 

I am happy that I do not have concentration problems, it feels ok at work. Sleeping is deeper I guess, I still have no weird cravings and I am trying to eat my salads – building good habits. 

My daily yoga practice is still going – day 15. I am proud and it helped me a lot during my coffee break, especially in the beginning. 

Today I am sleepy but really calm. I am enjoying the last warm day and can not wait to go home and cook a carrot ginger soup. 

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

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