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I think coffee was messing with my food cravings

 I am thrilled but also a little pissed off. I am delighted that my coffee withdrawal symptoms are almost done and I am mad that no one mentions all the benefits you can get when you quit that stupid drink. 

I was not aware that coffee can really mess up your food habits. I read that it is an appetite suppressant – it is always mentioned as a benefit but it seems like coffee can make you binge.

 I stopped drinking coffee and I started to feel better, my sugar cravings went away, I do not crave fast food and I actually wake up with energy. The energy I experience now is one that is constant and calm, no more spikes, not so much alertness but I can actually function in the morning. I feel like I am not starting from 0 level energy, like before when I was drinking coffee. 

This week I did more than 4 hours of yoga – while being in withdrawal! I also lost 400g from my weight, something that was somehow a struggle from all the cravings.

I was happy to find these people on Reddit ( https://www.reddit.com/r/decaf/comments/qbdqat/stopped_coffee_a_week_ago_junk_food_cravings_and/ ) and realize that what I am experimenting right now is something somehow normal.

I am still enjoying sweets but I do not crave them. I stopped overeating, it is amazing. 

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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