Why I think I will quit coffee forever this time

Last night, after writing the article, I was so tired and my head hurt a lot. This made me watch things about coffee withdrawal and I discover the below video. Lately, one of my hobbies is learning more about my body so I really enjoyed it.

After finishing it, the normal question appeared: Do I really need coffee? I think it might make my ADD worst and I really want nice teeth. A cleaner skin would be just another magical benefit.

I like the taste but what if it is like cigarette addiction? I used to like cigarettes but the smell makes me sick now. Sometimes you can not trust the brain, he is kind of an asshole.

I think I will add here the cognitive dissonance video that I feel is really helping me take good decisions for my body.

I am getting excited to see what comes next :). Tomorrow I will make my black tea with nuts milk and honey and I am so excited. 

Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

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