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Quitting coffee

I am barely keeping my eyes open while writing this. My current location is at my desk, today is a work day so I am still surviving. 

There are some periods of time when I am not able to eat some foods or drink coffee. I get really sick if I do not listen to my body so this is not entirely optional. Yesterday was a typical day, I woke up and made coffee. After the first taste, I knew that a tragedy was near and that my break will have to start. 

The first day was a nightmare, I had a massive headache, so big that I needed a pill for that. My level of energy was down and I had a very hard time focusing. I am really proud of myself for sticking to my yoga and pilates journey even though I was crying inside.

Today is better, green tea helps a lot and I can see how food changes my mood. I had fruits in the morning and breakfast and I had a decent level of energy. Now, in the afternoon, I feel quite sleepy but that is also because I am not too busy this week. Until now I was all over the place, filling stuff, and doing administrative tasks. Fruits and salads seem to work, and I am really happy.

Yesterday  I learned more about cognitive dissonance so I decided to be more careful with what I value and what I do. Being healthy is something that I love so eating a little better and moving should be more important for me. If I ate fewer sweets, it would be perfect. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


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