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Styling fixation is not done yet

I was extra happy last night when my new clothes arrived. I used all the tips from the previous article to order a few new items so this got me back to my styling fixation – I will add some links to my favorite pieces at the end of the article (no collaboration). I spent all morning looking on youtube for what type of accessories I should wear, how to wear them, and other small details.

I was happy to see that all the pieces of jewelry I got as a gift from my husband are perfect for my face shape so I already own some items. I will have to think about some necklaces but I have a few for now. 

I need earrings that look a little like a teardrop for my face shape, the heart shape. I will not add photos because everyone can just google that and see what they need to find. For my pear-shaped body, I need some short necklaces near the collarbone, and at the base of the neck. I love that type of jewelry so I am pretty excited that I had some things in order.

Another thing that was on my mind this morning was how to look good without makeup. I really hate putting makeup on but I also have curly hair so it is quite hard for me to look put together. I was sad to learn that looking good without makeup actually includes makeup so they lost me. I will use my tinted lip balm and I will focus on my hair. If I add some products, my hair looks quite nice, so I got that going for me. I decided to post a photo of my face, with no alterations, no hair curler or straightener.

I am happy with my research, and now I am looking for some shoes for women that hate heels. Maybe I will write an article if something will inspire me.

Links for clothes – pear shape body: 


My face was without makeup and with a small number of products in my hair.

Photo by David Pisnoy on Unsplash

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