Styling – hyper fixation over

Three days ago I found a styling class and I wanted to sign up in Spring. As a person with undiagnosed ADHD, I got hyper-fixated on the subject and research it until I found all my info and now I am quite happy and I think I do not need the class – 200 Euro saved.

I feel the need to say that I am not planning to work in this field so a diploma is not something I need. I am happy to report that my wardrobe is better than I expected, thanks to my wonderful husband. He is the perfect shopping partner and adviser. My hairstyle is also ok for my face shape. Make-up is not an area that I care about too much, I followed the online advice – it worked but I like my face better without it. 

I want to post here all the resources I used, maybe I will forget stuff and I will have them here. 

  1. Style test – loved this one. I agree with the results and they also have linked a Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration. 


Results: Bohemian combine.d with Whimsical

  1. Body type: Pear or Spoon – you might need a measuring tape


  1. Face shape: Heart – measuring tape needed.


  1. Skin undertone – neutral or yellow base, not quite sure but I will go for earthy tones in make-up and avoid yellow or pale brown outfits.


For my body shape, I found 2 amazing sites and I learned a lot from them.


Things I learned: 

  1. I need a hat.
  2. I really prefer skinny jeans and I will continue to wear them.
  3. I have an ok style, better than I expected. 

I hope this will save someone some time. I enjoyed the journey but I lost all interest after learning. I kept advice in mind when I went out to window shopping so I think this will stick with me. 

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “Styling – hyper fixation over”

  1. Ha, I am this way with almost anything in life. My current phase? Writing in plain text, so I’m researching all the different text editors and trying to customise each of them to suit my needs. I suspect I’ll be done with this phase in a week or two. What sucks is that it detracts from the actual purpose—writing. Oh well. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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