Afternoon Rows, Style

Fashion Stylist dreams

Yesterday I decided I wanted to enroll in a fashion styling class next Spring. I am pretty excited, so excited that I decided to make the most of this enthusiastic wave and searched for a lot of youtube videos on the subject. While I was intensively searching on Youtube, I realized I can make this a bigger project (of course! *rolling eyes*) and I can post useful resources I found. 

Initially, this blog was made for fashion articles that I wanted to write but I changed the route a little, just to be back to square one. Somehow my life goes in circles :))).

I was thinking about writing articles related to face shape, and body shapes but I think I could not come up with new ideas, people wrote books about it, and you can learn about it on youtube, visually. 

I started with this video (below) and I was quite excited and happy about the tips. I also took a lot of notes. I am planning to spend more time on Pinterest in order to educate my eye – this will also be useful for my art education, I can get more accommodated with the aesthetics of beauty.

I really appreciated the youtube channel – BRAVEMŌODE STUDIOS NETWORK –  and I will go for sure back to learn more about the business side of this profession. 

I think I will come back later with more articles on what I have learned and what youtube channels I found. I hope this info will help someone and also myself, to keep me motivated. 

Photo by Мария Волк on Unsplash

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