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A Sunday in Munich

It took me a lot of time to decide if I should write this article because I do not have a travel blog. What made me decide was the amount of fun we had today and the thought that I want to be a writer as a lifestyle.

We started the day by making plans to go for ice cream, we put clothes on and left the house. Today was one of those days in which we just took walks on random streets, speaking about our dreams, sharing opinions, and enjoying time together. I can fall in love with this man daily. 

Our first stop was at the Saint Sebastian Church, near Olympia Park. I wanted to visit this Church since 2018 but it was always closed. I had an opportunity to light some candles for departed loved ones. Our next stop was the cute coffee place across the street, from where I got an Iced Coffee Latte. I love walking and enjoying a nice coffee.

The ice cream place we visited was Ballabeni Icecream Stammhaus – website here https://www.ballabeni.de/ . The ice cream was amazing, apparently, people say it is the best ice cream in town. It is also quite cheap for how famous it is. We went there really early so there was no queue. Near this place, you can buy pigments and painting stuff so we ate while watching the store from the outside. 

Our luck was that across from us, there was the Brandhorst Museum so we went and visit it. I really enjoyed the  FUTURE BODIES expo.  I found their website if you are interested.  https://www.museum-brandhorst.de/ausstellungen/future-bodies/ 

After a good art discussion and viewing, we went home. Now I am planning a nap and some Puzzle time in the afternoon. 


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