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Losing weight update 2

I weight myself this morning and I had almost 70kg. Not bad, especially because I am in that really annoying time of the month. Yesterday I was mostly in bed because I had some muscle pains and also back pain. I started to change my office time and standing a few hours a day, with breaks, seems to help a lot. This is also helping me mentally, sometimes was really hard to just stay there, on a chair, but I was lazy or extra bored I guess. 

I tried to count calories, but I am tired of that so I will take a break right now I will try to make healthier choices and that is that. I feel ok at this weight, it is still healthy so I do not mind. I am quite happy I am constant overall so I am eating and maintaining calories. 

I used this workout on Friday and I love it. I can not wait to do it again, probably today or tomorrow. Saturday was bike time, it is really relaxing to use it and listen to stuff. Sometimes I would love to work out in the morning but I am not sure how I can change my schedule to fit this. I include some stretching daily, even in the office when I am alone.

I wish you a wonderful week!

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

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