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Life updates

If you started too many projects and you feel like that is stressing you out, just throw them away! Out of the house, out of mind 😀 I advise you to donate them if it is possible, of course, but I am really convinced that we should keep things that make us happy.

I used to be mean to myself, pushing myself to use all the stuff I had for hobbies and stressing so much over this. Last week I  snapped and now I am a litter nicer to myself. I decided to throw away my crochet project because it made me feel too guilty. I was also putting my digital tablet away because I was feeling guilty – I love to draw on it but not daily. Now it is on my desk and I just scribble with it when I am in the mood. I like it this way more. I also realized digital drawing is not for me, it feels like programming more than creative work. 

I think I am starting to accept myself and find my mind more peaceful and clear. This is making me see how tired I was, and how much I needed to relax and enjoy myself. I started to also stand in the office, I will alternate 30 minutes standing with 30 minutes on the chair. I trow my back last week and I need to work more on my back muscles. Yesterday it was really nice, I feel how my body enjoys standing, the boredom goes away and I stop feeling like I am dying inside. 

I use a website to help me track time – https://pomofocus.io/ – you can change the timer from settings.

The last 2 updates are fun. I never realized how important the PH-neutral shampoo was for my curly hair. I think this is life-changing after a year of struggle with curly hair. The second update is more of a conclusion: when you establish boundaries, life doesn’t magically transform, the guild appears. I am struggling a little with that today.

Hope you will have a nice weekend! 

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