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Cat boarding experience

I wanted to write about this because was really weird and maybe will help other people.

Our cat was really small when she was found and she has some traumas. This makes her really anti-social, she likes us but she is not so keen on other people or other animals. We did not know that when we decided to send her to boarding when we left on holiday.

I was really stressed but I did not want other people in our home to visit her. This is something that will change next time as boarding is not an option anymore.

For 2 weeks, our cat lost a tone of weight and she looked depressed. I am not sure how good the lady from the boarding was, I am not sure she was 100% professional. She asked me what the cat likes to eat AFTER ONE WEEK and she did not get the food I told her. She left the cat starving for one week I guess, but I understand that the cat was also sad and violent. She was isolated as she did not like to socialize with other cats but the other cats were quite vocal and agitated. 

I hope maybe this will help other people. If your cat is a little traumatized, or came from the streets, think twice before choosing to board. I will make a new post next time when we will get a sitter or if I find a boarding with a private room. 

Our dumpling is ok now, she gained her weight back and she is chill again. I saw that she is less violent (not scratching so much) and she is more loving. Today I woke up with kisses :P. 

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