lose weight

Losing weight update 1

This week was a nice one but I was ovulating so my cravings, and my water retention were out of this world :)). Usually, I weigh myself on Saturday, and this Saturday I have 1 extra Kg. On Friday we had a massive craving for burgers and french fries so we ate around 9 PM. This is a good explanation for the scale numbers. 

This time I do not want to obsess over things, I am making this a mindfulness exercise. I manage to make all my exercises, do my yoga, and go for walks. I have no deadline, I just want to be fit and in shape, the numbers on the scale look ok. The extra 3% fat will go because I am doing cardio 3 times per week. 

My current weight was 70.05 kg but the real one will be after my period. I am looking forward to the sunny days and long walks. 

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