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Losing weight, fashion, and mental health

I find it funny how this blog started. At first, I wanted to write about fashion, then about weight loss and we got to mental health. I think overall, it makes sense. Sometimes we think that if you dress ‘hip’ or look perfect, you will finally be happy.

I also find it funny that I used to advise everyone to go to therapy but I was never considering it. It was because I thought I did not deserve it? Probably. I think I was seeing my healing journey as something that was my personal mission (leftover bad ideas from the New Age period) and I have to do it by myself. It is also probably because I had just myself a lot of times during my life.

I wanted to write this article because I am also back on my weight loss journey. I added almost 4 kg in 7 or 8 months and I would like to get back to 65 or 60 kg.

In order to get my binging tendencies in order, I started to eat really big breakfasts, like lunches and I feel it is better. I am not so hungry in the evening and I can have vegetables, fruits, and humus. This is a strategy that worked until now. I will post here a PrintScreen from my app, connected to the scale – see below. 

Parallel to my eating habits, I also have a strict schedule, I will post the picture below (‘Luni’ – Monday; ‘Duminica’ – Sunday; ‘alergat’ – Running; ‘Terapie’ – Therapy). I use the bicycle 3 times per week, a minimum of 5 km per time. I would like to increase it to 10 km but right now I am ok with this distance. I walk around 3-4 km so I think it is enough. I am also doing yoga and I am meditating 2 times per week, this is more for my mental health.

I want to lose some fat but overall I am feeling in shape and good about my body. 

My wardrobe is also changing, I am starting to feel really comfortable and embracing the change. It is not fashion, it is my way. 

Do you think mental health is the glue that sticks our life together?

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