Are your ’30s’ the moment when you say ‘F**k that’ and start putting yourself first?

I am speaking with people around me and apparently, the 30s are way better than the 20s. I have to admit I am getting less and less interested in opinions and what other people say. It is not clear if this is the same for people with children, I do not know so many in order to get to a conclusion.

Being childless in your 30s is like being in your 20s but with more money and stability. Recently I decided I do not want children so that took a lot of pressure from my plans. I was unsure if it is something that I really want and I think I still have the stuff to heal before, maybe in the next life.

Getting back to the initial idea, I feel I do not have anything to prove and that I am allowed to put myself first. I am not sure if this is also because you get to think about your mental health or because you start having panic attacks. I think I am losing my point on the way but I feel that everyone is starting to look inwards in their 30s. I was really happy I quit smoking before my 30th birthday and stepped into this new age range with better habits, like sports, yoga, and being aware of what I am eating. 

I want to be in a good shape, not be sick in my 40s, with no back pain or lack of energy. The travel I had home was eye-opening. I come from a culture that is avoiding doctors like the plague and also making all the wrong choices for their bodies. I work in a field where I trust doctors and medicine so it was hard for me to relate. I am still thinking if it is something related to “deserving to be healthy and happy”. I am aware I deserve it, that is why I am showing up for myself and I support people to do things for them.

How were your 30s treating you?

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