Easy morning routine – make-up and skin

I always hated a complicated morning routine and because of that, I used to avoid makeup for months. This year I am planning to pay more attention to my skin. Last year I used sunscreen but this winter, because of the mask and the cold, I had to take care of my face. I was having some skin issues so I found a magical serum and a face cream – special for winter.

Last month we watched Queer eye and one of  Jonathan’s advice spark some interest. My face tends to be red, especially near the T zone so this tip was perfect for me.

Every morning I wash my face, I apply my serum and I add a small amount of green primer to my face cream, mix it and apply it with a face brush. I tried to spread it with my fingers but I like it more with my brush. On some mornings, I also add some concealer under my eyes, mascara, and red lipstick, resistant to transfer as I will be wearing a mask on the train. 

For the evenings, I apply 3 times per week a peeling gel from Neutrogena – Glow. I will also change my face cream to Glow because they have a face cream with SPF. 

I recently added a Blistex lip protector. I love how it makes my lips feel hydrated all day. For my hands, I use Neutrogena hands cream and I started to take care of my nails with some nail cream. I always have a dry cuticle area. 

This works perfectly for me right now and I actually feel better about myself, in the morning.

P.S: I am on holidays so I decided to post once a week last week and this week. Starting on next Monday, I will be ready to post as normal.

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