First month of Therapy – conclusions

I was looking over a list of subjects that I want to write about and I saw I also wanted to write about the week before therapy, so I will write a mix between before and after therapy.

The last week before my session I was really stressed and anxious. I remember that I was also scratching my elbows a lot, this is something I do when I am extra stressed and I did not experience that in a while. I remember I was looking forward to the meeting but I was also numb by fear, as I did not know what to expect. My podcasts helped a lot, everyone is sending people to therapy and that made me feel that I am making a good decision. 

My first session of therapy was really nice, I loved the therapist and I was really comfortable sharing all my issues. I also had to fill up some forms and I felt very empowered while writing my issues. 

In the next 2 sessions, we discussed some stuff and it seems that I have some compulsive thoughts and I am not sure how to process this. It is ok because I will have 2 weeks’ holiday and I will also be able to learn more about it. I noticed over time that I have some small quirks but it is different to have a professional view over these issues. 

Except for the questions that I still have about OCD, I feel good overall going to therapy. I do not understand what the therapist does but I come more relaxed at home. My anxiety levels decrease for a while so I think this is a good thing.

I want to finish this article by quoting Dr. Kirk Honda: ‘Take care of yourself because you deserve it, you really, really do!’.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash 

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