The High 5 Habit: Take Control of Your Life with One Simple Habit Book by Mel Robbins

I wanted to write this blog post last month but I was not in the mood. This is a wonderful book, I enjoyed listening to it and I learned a lot. I am a huge fan of Mel, I listen to all of her books so I felt that this book was a natural evolution. 

I was skeptical in the beginning but after a while, it grew on me. I wanted to test the high 5 habit before dismissing the idea and I was pleasantly surprised. The main idea of the book was to wake up and high 5 yourself in the mirror. It is advisable to do this first thing in the morning because you are giving yourself a boost of energy and you are putting yourself first. I have to admit that I forgot to do this a few days but I high 5 myself later. It is wonderful to see how your focus change from your defects to your strong points. I used to look at my face and think about how my skin looked but now I focus on how nice I look and how refreshed I am after sleep. It is a new hobby of mine to look myself in the eyes and get accommodated with myself. 

I also joined the Facebook group and those people are wonderful. They always inspire me and keep me on track with my high 5 habit. I also wrote some cute messages on my bathroom mirror.

It was nice that this book also kept me company while waiting to start therapy so I will not forget this book so soon. I love Mel and I am happy that she is inspiring people every day. 

Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash

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