The problem with daily writing

I started writing daily almost 3 years ago and I kept doing that until 4 days ago. As I mentioned before, I used to write morning pages as part of my healing journey. I was quite happy with this until my therapist mentioned that it might be a compulsive action, as I was doing this daily and felt nervous thinking about not writing.

I am on day 4 of not writing and I feel ok, somehow this writing was beginning to be a burden, I was uncomfortable with having another addiction, even if it was not smoking. After the discussion with my therapist (at first, I did not believe it was an issue), I realized that I have more things that might come as a compulsion.

I think writing is a crutch, like everything that will help you in your healing journey. I consider it advisable and a wonderful way to process your feelings but this habit should be a healthy one, one that is not addictive. I started writing and in a month I quit smoking so probably I just replaced morning routines.

Would I recommend writing? Of course, I will still write about my feelings and experiences but I will stop doing it daily. After considering all my experiences until now, I think that the final result of all these practices should be the ability to stay with myself, with less anxiety. 

I think writing gave me freedom for a while but now I feel better without it. I am happy to start this new phase in my life and try to find new crutches. Therapy seems to help. 

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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