The trap of drawing daily

Today I was speaking with my husband and I wanted to say I had no time to draw but I realized that I am drawing daily, but it comes so naturally that I am not considered it drawing. I always think about the act of drawing, at a desk, with an intention and while watching some tutorial. This made me wonder, how much time do I actually spend drawing, a day, without realizing it? After taking a look at my work notebooks, I think I spend at least 40 minutes doodling daily.

We, as struggling artists (I am referring to the inner stress), take into consideration so much advice, and sometimes we get brainwashed. Somehow, in my mind, if it is not made in a sketchbook, does not count as drawing.  I agree that a sketchbook is important, I also have one but I never took into consideration how my mind was processing the information. Even if I was drawing so much daily, that did not count for me as exercising and drawing?

When it comes to drawing, does doodling count? I think it does because I can see how that process of drawing during meetings or when I was bored made me unleash my creativity. I had no pressure and no voices while drawing, I was just existing and drawing. 

‘You do not have to draw every day. Do not put that kind of pressure on yourself. Keep art fun!’ Sam

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