How I use social media as a tool in my develpment

I was making a coffee in the office and I was thinking about what keeps me motivated.

I used to be a boring person, I just smoked and bitch about stuff all day.

After I stopped smoking, I changed a little, daily. Today I realized that social media was crucial in my growth because I am part of a lot of groups that keep me on track. One group also helped me quit smoking and kept me in check for the first year. I can still see posts, this is a perfect reminder that I am still doing a great job and that I won in a fight with one of my demons, addiction. 

I am also part of a group focused on the book  The artist’s way, another tool in my small toolbox. There are a lot of books that are life-changing but this was the start for me. I started trauma work without realizing it and I wrote for almost 3 years every day. I still write every morning, around one hour for myself and my day. The group helps me keep my focus on art and helps me remember to take an artist’s date from time to time.

The group for Fiton – workout group – reminds me how fun it is to work out, do yoga, and drink water. I am also happy to see how other people evolve and how the magic happened when you do things because you love yourself.  

Yesterday I joined Mel Robbin’s group for the book The high 5 habit. I hope that this small ritual will remain as a daily routine because I am doing it for 5 days I think and I feel a little better in the morning. I want to write an article about that after I will have a conclusion. 

Joining groups and unfriending/unfollowing /mute people that put you in a bad mood are essential in keeping yourself on track. What you consume will consume you.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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