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The pressure of online learning

This is something that I am not sure if it’s a problem for everyone but it is something that affected me.

I grew up without a computer or internet and for me, having so much information available was mindblowing. I feel sometimes that I am like a sponge, ready to absorb everything so I am always enrolled in an online class or learning various stuff over the internet. In the last few years, I learned about JavaScript, programming, design, cooking, poker but I never felt like I can be an expert in that field.

I think that, because I saw a lot of people who learned things online, I felt the need to do that. I used to believe I could change my career, as I wrote in another article so I was always on a quest. Right now I am learning things for fun, with no pressure.

One of the things that are so hard to do is to find a class and not get into a rabbit hole. If you jump from video to video, from person to person, there are a lot of chances to get burned out and just give up. As a person with a small attention span, it is really hard to keep a trajectory and not get distracted. I finished only a few classes because I got lost on the way or got bored.

Another issue with online learning is that some free classes are not good ones and you realize that too late. I would recommend paying for things only if you plan to make money with that diploma.

Youtube is a nice place where you can learn a lot. I love to watch drawing tutorials and listen to videos with advice from other artists. I think, especially for art, it is something amazing. For people who did not attend art school, this is precious.

I do not know if school is necessary to change things but I would go back to school if I would want to make a switch. I think this will also help with the impostor syndrome. 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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