Depression in men – the silent killer

I wanted to start this article with statistics worldwide for men with depression but, after reviewing the documents, I decided it is useless. It seems like the numbers are not quite representative because men are really reluctant to go and see a mental health specialist. For Europe, you can find a lot of data on Eurostat’s website if you want numbers.

 Men are raised in a toxic culture and it was a sign of weakness to do that. In some countries, this is still something you don’t talk about because people around you will call you crazy. I believe men all across the world are suffering and I think connecting with other men is the best cure.

Last night we started to watch Queer Eye on Netflix and I found it both sad and wonderful. It was wonderful to see people talk about feelings and observe how men change and flourish when they are out of their shells.

The main idea was that 5 specialists, men go and help another man to feel alive again. They help him with new clothes, a new look, new furniture, and a new mindset. In my opinion, that helps a lot but the kindness and the openness that are shown are priceless. It was refreshing to see how the toxic culture is thrown away and how they interact as people. Vulnerability and kindness are magical cures. 

I think that men are not usually hugged or are given compliments. I try to do that as often as I can with my husband, but I see that is not something usual. I was not raised in a house like I have, maybe hugs but not so much touching.

As a woman, it is hard for me to do something because I think men should help each other. I would love to see groups that help them heal, healthy groups. A big step should be speaking about feelings and if this will happen as a usual habit, in time it will be easier. As women, we have groups where we can speak about feelings, for us it is a little easier. I feel the need to help and I think this article is progress in that direction. Maybe one man will see this, will take my wish of healing with him and give it further.

Photo by White.Rainforest ∙ 易雨白林. on Unsplash

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